Bloom Filter

A Bloom Filter (located in Pronghorn) is a space-efficient probabilistic data structure used in Pronghorn for fast data lookup.
Pronghorn uses MurmurHash for its hash-based lookups.


BloomFilter filter = new BloomFilter(n, p);
BloomFilter filter = new BloomFilter(template); // alternative
BloomFilter filter = new BloomFilter(a, b, intersection); // alternative
  • n is the number of items in the filter
  • p is the probability of false positives, float between 0 and 1 or a number indicating 1-in-p
  • template is a previous BloomFilter that you can re-use
  • a and b are previous bloom filters for intersection checking
  • intersection determines if there is an intersection


String[] messages = new String[] { "Moe", "Larry", "Curley" };
BloomFilter filter = new BloomFilter(1000, .00000001);
//build up the filter with the known values.
int i = messages.length;
while (--i>=0) {
//check if it contains
if(filter.mayContain(messages[0])) {
//do something